Torsion Springs

The Active Spring Co is one of the UKs leading Torsion spring manufacturers and suppliers having the latest and most sophisticated torsion spring coiling machines available today.

We manufacture and supply Single Torsion, Double Torsion and Triple Torsion springs in a wide range of wire diameters and material specifications.

Torsion springs are manufactured from round, square or sectional material with pitched or closed coils with a vast range of leg configurations and dimensions. We manufacture torsion springs using a variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and Nickel based exotic materials such as Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and Nimonic.

We supply and manufacture Torsion springs in quantities from one off to millions, in material diameters from 0.3mm to 30mm. We make torsion springs so small you could fit thousands in the palm of your hand and so large that to lift one spring requires five people.

Wafios are widely regarded as producing the best torsion springs and wire forming machines in the world and we pride ourselves in having the widest range of Wafios machinery and the greatest amount of experience in their use of any spring company in the United Kingdom.

Technical definition of a torsion spring:

Torsion springs differ from both compression and extension springs in both application of load and method of operation. They are coil springs that exert a torque (or resist a torque) in an arc with the legs rotating around the axis and the body coils being stressed in bending. An infinite number of variations of torsion springs are possible for the leg formation but simplicity is often the best guide.

Torsion springs can be manufactured from any of the same materials as compression or extension springs but the most common are drawn carbon steel or stainless steel. Torsion springs should always be used in the "wind up" direction as use in the opposite direction is more likely to cause premature failure of the spring.