Compression Springs

We supply Parallel Compression Springs, Open Ended Compression Springs, Reduced End Compression Springs, Closed and Ground Compression Springs, Variable Pitch Compression Springs, Conical Compression Springs and Barrel Compression Springs.

Compression springs are designed to be deflected axially. If the spring is compressed to its maximum, all the coils will be pushed tightly one against the other. The resulting length of the compressed spring is referred to as its solid height. It is not good practice to deflect a spring to this extent since it is now effectively a solid tube without any of the resilience that compression springs are selected for in the first place. Further, compression springs deflected to their solid height may be stressed beyond their safe limits and will be prone to premature failure.

  • Deflection This is the amount that a compression spring is deformed under load.
  • Outside Diameter (OD) This is the outer diameter of the coil/spring.
  • Wire Diameter This is the thickness of the material used to form the coil.
  • Free Length The length of the spring without any load applied.
  • Loaded Length The length of the compression spring under a specified load.