Due to its inherent nature, the medical industry requires absolute precision, consistency and efficiency. Utilising our skills and capabilities, we fulfil these demands and consequently manufacture a diverse range of spring products for various sections of the medical industry.

We have, in collaboration with Mr Owase Jeelani, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital, designed and developed a range of specialised torsion springs for the Craniofacial Surgery Team at Gt. Ormond Street Hospital.

These torsion springs have been successfully used to treat a condition called Craniosynostosis in which a child's skull is unable to expand naturally. We are particularly proud to have been associated with this medical advancement, which not only relieves pain and suffering for such children but quite literally saves lives.

The figure shows the lateral skull radiograph of a 20 month old girl with the typical copper beaten appearance suggestive of raised Intracranial pressure. At surgery the skull was effectively cut into two halves and 6 springs were deployed to relieve the pressure and allow the natural expansion.

Figure 2 shows 3D CT reconstructions of a 6 month old girl showing her skull before the surgery and 6 months and 1 week after the surgery. The torsion springs are in situ and the skull expansion can be seen. At this age the bone deposition in the gap created at surgery is almost complete.

In general we supply compression springs, torsion springs and wire forms for use in a variety of medical applications including endoscopes, respiratory apparatus and ergonomic medical equipment for musculoskeletal problems.

Medical Springs

Figure 1

Medical Springs

Figure 2