Bespoke & Custom Springs

In effect everything we manufacture is bespoke as we work to our customers' specifications and requirements. When a customer has new product we will work closely with them to ascertain the best possible design at the most economical cost and the best possible lead times.

In addition to our normal bespoke production runs we have on occasions been asked to manufacture springs for unusual and/or bizarre applications:

Examples include:

Compression springs on the International Space Station and for the spark ignition system on the Space Shuttle.

Our components are used on Thermal Imaging Cameras which we supply to a company who produce imaging sensors to look further into the universe than ever before, to the detection of new extra-solar planets with NASA's Kepler and studying the Sun onboard SDO for NASA and Picard for CNES. Future missions include ESA's GAIA mission which will map over 1 billion objects in the Milky Way using imaging sensors to equip its focal plane, the largest to ever be flown in space.

Springs for the Aircraft Restoration Company at Imperial War Museum, Duxford, for the restoration of Spitfires.

Jeelani springs for Gt Ormond Street Hospital.

Art installation for the ceiling of the Coca-Cola Pavilion at the Olympic Park.

Large Conical compression springs for Denim jeans displays in Top Shop windows.

An Anti-snoring device.